We are a young interdisciplinary lab welcoming curious students from diverse fields, including computer and data scientists, physicists, life scientists, chemists, and medical students. We are interested in the development and applications of methods and algorithms for modeling and investigating complex and dynamic biological systems based on vast amounts of data. More information and suggested projects can be found on our Research page. Interested applicants - please send your CV and a short description of your general research interests to:



We are a new lab with several exciting research projects. Prospective students and postdocs, should contact Dr. Raveh by e-mail with a CV and a short description of your general research interests:

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Barak Raveh

Principal investigator

Reshef Mintz

PhD candidate

Yifat Hadad

PhD candidate

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Dr. Yair Neve-Oz


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Kessem Clein

MSc student

Yasmin Heimann

MSc student